KDH Design ("KDH") was founded in 2014 by the ex-ATD (Advanced Technology Division) of Foxconn and actively fostered by national research institutes e.g. ITRI & III of Taiwan with the capabilities to offer state-of-the-art in innovative technologies, engineering quality and sheer breadth of deployment with the software and hardware integration that enables future solutions to rapidly interconnect with, map and navigate ambient environments to locate objects of interest in the challenging and complex environment in the Outdoors, Defense, Energy and Industrial sectors. 

Head Mounted Devices

JARVISH (funded by KDH, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan) as a helmet brand and solution provider with the vision to bring superior design, high-quality accessible head-worn products to consumers around the world. After two years of research the company launched the world first smart motorcycle helmet joint-branding with LAZER Helmets in the market in 2017. 

Specific Head-worn Wearable Fields

Missions require subjecting human personnel to underground municipal or urban settings are increasingly relevant in global security and safety operations, innovative and enhanced human-machine interaction technologies have the potential to disruptively and positively impact how the situational awareness is leveraged without prohibitive cost and risk to human lives. In addition to smart helmets, KDH is also aggressively participated in developing head-mounted devices in military operations, police, mining, warehousing, offshore work, disaster-related applications. 


wearable, IoT, automotive, aerospace and solar energy industries
gallery/mesh network

Self-sufficient x2x Wireless Communication

KDH offers streaming multiple channels up to 16 groups of audio, video and situational awareness in real time through the self-managed and scalable portable private networking on top of the MESH Technology with no access to the existing mobile network. The system design from the perspective of signal processing and radio frequency consisting of distributed computing architecture with adaptive power management to guarantee the long operation time and a long range up to 2km point-to-point wireless connectivity. The system builds in detachable camera and noise cancellation microphone modules or supports 3rd party interoperability with the commonly used standards like USB, HDMI or Bluetooth interfaced peripherals on the market.

Solar Energy

KDH is continued to bring the technologies and expertise from communication and smart wearable applications to making solar more accessible. We offer a turnkey install-and-forget solution to operate (in terms of field surveillance, performance optimization, panel cleaning, environment protection monitoring built on top of the self-organized wireless network and analysis) solar projects at commercial and utility scale. We work with tier-one partners to bring solar and storage to their customers’ homes.